Hey there, Cloudia here. An average adult trying to find her way in life. Hobbies include theater and cosplay. On this blog you will find:

'Tales of' Series.
Stories pertaining to ships and Tales of.
Kingdom Hearts Series
Final Fantasy Series
Fullmetal Alchemist
Pandora Hearts

Other names I answer to: Lloyd, Lloydie, Clloydie, Cloudia, etc.
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Hello con i will one day go toooo


She’s being very needy tonight


I should be productive…

I don’t have work till two…

//sits around under warm blankets until work doing nothing//



It’s ten minutes before I need to leave for work and all I can think of is how me and my friends used to use the word “Succulent” all the time. I’m dying laughing. This is gonna be an awkward train ride XD

This is a succulent post


harry and ginny unwittingly find themselves in muggle london a little too close to halloween

itsallaboutpie replied to your post:I’ve been in 22 shows since Middle School… I am…

you are amazing, holy balls.

Cool friends hang out and drink Sparking Kid “wine” and coffee right?

Dreck Vacuums…

For those pesky replicas that just won’t get up off your floor