Hey there, Cloudia here. I'm currently a College Student studying German and Theater. Here on my blog, you will find:

'Tales of' Series.
Stories pertaining to ships and Tales of.
Kingdom Hearts Series
Final Fantasy Series
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I recently got into Homestuck so maybe some sprinkling of that.
And a touch of random stuff that I find interesting or touching.

Other names I answer to: Lloyd, Lloydie, Clloydie.
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Okay, so, basically, it’s a vibrator, but, it goes with the rhythm/beat of whatever you are listening to.

It’s $69.99. (lol)

My friend and I saw this in our Human Sexuality class presentation, looked at each other and our jaws dropped.


What a time to be alive.

Sorey, it seems I misunderstood you a little. I’m sorry.

It’s nothing you need to apologize for. That’s how he usually is.


You’re not alone, Link!

Saria’s the one friend who recognized Link and I love her for it ;-;



I sometimes wonder why I shy away from confrontation and such…

And that its a big thing thats hurting relationships in my life 

And then Jeff pulls his ‘he’s just going to leave’ bit

And I remember why


Hey everyone check out my new monster shark stickers in honor of the new Sharknado movie! Featuring some of my favorite fictional sharks, two-headed shark, sharktopus, ghost shark and dino shark. I haven’t seen Sand Sharks yet but once I do I’ll probably draw him too.

Get them at my Storenvy!

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Okay, so I died again but it was well worth it because I got Yuan to do his helicopter thing and it looks really silly

His ponytail’s not even moving with him, either

And he’s still at it as I type


Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life -video-